Summary: My Freeware sailling log software for the Psion

SAILLOG is a small utility primarily intended to track your personal sailing experience, based on the Royal Yachting Asscociation´s paper logbooks and qualification requirements. If you own your own boat, SAILLOG will also allow you to log the cumulative miles and engine hours of your boat, and gives you a reminder when service intervals arise. If you charter your boat to a third party, these details can also be logged in the vessel record without affecting your personal sailing totals. 


features of SAILLOG 

    1. Input parameters for each sailing event:
        departure date
        departure time
        arrival date
        arrival time
        name of vessel
        name of skipper
        cruise description
        logged distance
        night time
        engine hours
        (weather) condition (1-6 user defined choices)
        Own boat (Yes,No)
        Tidal water (Yes,No)
        Single-handed (Yes,No)
        Comments (max 40 characters)
        Diary file input (max 255 characters)

    2. Output modes:
      • Table (all parameters, except diary file input)
      • Personal (# of cruises; Total hours; Total distance; Total nighthours)
      • Vessel (# of cruises; Total hours; Total distance; Total engine hours) 


    1. SI units or Imperial units
    2. Last file remembered
    3. Zooming possible in TABLE mode
    4. Adaptation to REVO and Series 7/netBook screen size
    5. Preferences stored in separate configuration file.
    6. Filtering on multiple input parameters and on time periods possible in tabular/personal and vessel output
    7. Printing of tabular output, look here for an example printout (PDF document)
    8. Zooming capabilities in TABLE output
    9. Export and import of data to or from text file
    10. Diary editing mode for longer annotations at sailing events
    11. Reminding on upcoming engine inspection intervals
    12. Colour icons available for Series 7/netBook machines
  • available for Series 5(mx)/MC218/REVO/MAKO/Series7 and netBook machines (Not for series 3(xx) or Osaris)
  • And it is Freeware!



menu structure of SAILLOG 

Future improvements: 
  • Depending on customer input!